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Active Minds™ Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy In Vancouver Westside

Did you know that cognitive therapy can be as effective as medication? Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside has a ground-breaking program, Active Minds™, aimed at helping people with Alzheimer's, age-related memory loss, or strokes, improve their quality of life.

Active Minds™ cognitive therapy program is administered by Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside's Certified Cognitive Coaches. The program consists of a series of sessions that provide cognitive stimulation through exercises and activities. The session plans are tailored to the personality and abilities of the client, and are designed to create a supportive, errorless learning environment... while offering respite and relief for the family caregiver.Active Minds™ gently challenges your mom, dad,husband, wife, or friend to stretch their mind.Jocelyn Macdonald, franchise owner of Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside, a Certified Cognitive Coach and a Registered Dietician says, "we are seeing marked improvements in client behaviours, such as conversing more clearly on the telephone with less trouble word finding, and being more confident to join others for meals and activities in a retirement facility". The select caregivers, who are trained to carry out the session plans, enthusiastically report that the Active Minds™ program adds much more meaning and purpose to their time with their clients, and gives a shared sense of accomplishment.

A growing body of research shows that cognitive therapy with human interaction can lead to significant benefits in functioning and may slow the progress of the disease, thereby maximizing your loved one's ability to function for an extended period.

Science has yet to find a cure for Alzheimer's, but there is evidence that, at least in the early stages, the brain is still capable of making new connections to replace the ones that have been lost. Active Minds™ cognitive training can help create and sustain these new connections.

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