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Hospital Transition Care In Vancouver Westside

A hospital stay can be a trying time for a senior or anyone for that matter. The hospital staff may not always have the extra time needed to assist with toileting at the time the patient needs to use the toilet, to assist with feeding a patient who is very slow to eat their meals, to assist with exercises or walking to maintain the patient's mobility or to have a friendly visit to maintain language, social skills and well-being. This can leave the senior patient leaving the hospital dependent on incontinence products, suffering weight loss, more reliant on a walker or wheelchair and suffering from depression. Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside health care assistants can help improve or maintain the patient's health during their hospital stay, by visiting a few hours a day, or even overnight in the patient's room to assist with their care and social needs.

Hospital discharge planners are reluctant to discharge a patient home if the person lives alone, and if the equipment and support is not in place. This can extend the patient's stay in the hospital. For seniors, extended hospital stays prove detrimental to their health, mobility and well-being, and increase the chance of catching a hospital acquired infection. Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside caregivers help seniors get home faster and in better condition.When it's time for discharge, the Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside caregivers can meet with the hospital social worker, to learn the client's specific care plan for home, drive the client home or accompany them in a taxi, pick up any new medications that were changed during the hospital stay, get groceries, prepare meals, give medication reminders and answer the door when home health care suppliers deliver medical equipment. The caregivers can stay with the client for a few hours until the patient is settled in, or family caregivers can visit, or they can help for a few weeks.

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