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Live-In & Overnight Care

Live-In & Overnight Care In Vancouver Westside

Some clients, or their families, need the peace of mind in knowing someone is there overnight, or around the clock. It could be long-term, or just some respite for the family caregiver to take a vacation, or go away for a weekend. Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside provides several different types of care to meet each client's unique needs.

With live-in care, the caregiver lives in the house and assists, or takes care of all the required responsibilities needed for daily independent living. This ensures proper and compassionate care, 24 hours a day. Live-in care is arranged by the day and requires two caregivers if the client needs help 7 days a week.

With overnight care, the caregiver is there for 12 hours and sleeps there in case the client needs anything during the night. Premier Homecare Services Vancouver Westside takes care of all the scheduling of staff. If one caregiver is sick, we will provide another.

With 24-hour care, the caregiver is awake and alert at all times for assistance (24/7). This requires at least two caregivers per 24-hour period.

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